We at Eduvator are great fans of using modern technology and software in class. A great example of this is 3D enviroments. We have quit a lot of experience using this way of learning. Using a online 3D enviroment is an easy and fun way to build your project and actually be able to walk around in it.

Our own project

Our biggest virtual world project, is the build of a green school in the world "Francogrid" in the area of "Balzac". We have build a large school with multiple classrooms. In eery classroom there is a group of student presenting their idea of making a green school.

Hyper Grid Adventurers Club

A little while ago one of our eduvator members was exploring some virtual worlds when he cam across the HGAC ( HyperGrid Adventurers Club). This is a group of virtual world enthousiasts who go out and explore a new region every week. Eduvator invited them to come over to "balzac" and do a tour around our school.
It came as a suprise that the week after the HGAC actually came to visit our school! After some minor technical problems were overcome we had a look around our building. The HGAC enjoyed the tour and gave us some great feedback on how to improve our school.