On this page we'll display all ideas for a green school. These can be taken into account when making plans for the future, building a new school or how to make an existing school more durable.

- solar panels
- automatically shutting down all computers and smartboards
- generating door and maybe floors
- windmill to generate electricity
- change all lights to energy saving LEDs
- a general kill switch in all rooms, to make sure all appliances are turned off after 6 p.m.

- decrease paper use and printing by handing in online via systems like edu-4-you and elo
- make sure garbage is collected seperated in paper, plastic and 'normal' waste

- using waste materials for building
- using durable materials

During the first phases of our project we made a SketchUp file of a new school, but we are improving it continuously. For the actual school, please come online at FrancoGrid and teleport to Balzac, where you will see a big school.

Our Google SketchUp file.