What is eduvator?

It is the combination of Education and Innovator; the modern students do their education and they are the biggest innovators.

We are Mathijs Hamers(@matigijpFollow matigijp on Twitter) and Lars Dijkema(@larsdijkema Follow larsdijkema on Twitter), students of bilingual VWO at the Elde College.

you can contact us through twitter or via eduvator@hotmail.com

We personally have been doing a lot using 3D virtual worlds. Currently one of our projects can be found in Francogrid in the area of "Balzac".

On this Wiki, we'll post our ideas and try to make more people(=pupils, teachers and school board managers) enthusiastic about innovative education. If you want to stay updated, please follow the 'hashtag' #eduvator on Twitter, or go to the 'News' page. You can also look in the virtual world of FrancoGrid for our 'green school'.